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I’m Chelsey Honders. I’m an visual artist who is obsessed with the age of the earth and the amount of history kept within this precious boll.

My projects are often based upon the experience of time and geological reconstructing. I’m

intrigued by how fast landscapes can change and how this can result in a feeling of longing. Within

my projects, I try to reconstruct both the past as the future by speculating upon the geological

findings of the now. I investigate the remains to find out what caused these changes. This often

goes hand in hand with the human influence on our climate systems. Therefore the anthropocene

is a topic that often comes back within my research.

Next to my interest in geological reconstructing, there is often a deeper, more emotional layer

within my project. The feeling of longing to whats done, the change and disappearance of natural

phenomena are all aspects I connect to the feeling of losing someone you love. For me, putting

these emotions into my work results in a hands on working method in which small interventions

within the surfaces of the photograph are made.

These small interventions are defining me as a maker. Interference within the surface is key within

my visual language. The materiality of the photograph and the million of possibilities it offers to

create a certain atmosphere is what fascinates me. Through interaction with the print the meaning

of the depicted subject can be completely changed. Next to that it gives me the opportunity to treat

the images of my landscapes the same way as we treat the actual nature.

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